Don’t Let Plantar Fasciitis Prevent You from Hiking

hiking with plantar fasciitis

Do you love hiking but due to plantar fasciitis, you have stopped doing it? If your answer is yes, then there is good news for you as you can do hiking with plantar fasciitis. It is unfortunate when you are not able to do the things you love to do. Here in this article, some tips are share on how you can manage to hike with the pain. To get into detail first see what it is.

The causes

Plantar fasciitis commonly causes heel pain. In addition, it causes inflammation of the thick band of tissues running across the bottom of the foot and connecting heel bone to the toes. A person who suffers from it feels the stabbing pain in heels. The pain gradually increases in the heel when a person stands for longer hours.

Let us know how to do hiking with this pain?

For doing hiking, you will have to choose hiking boots with the best arch support available on the market. The hiking boots you need should be stiff as well as it must have heavy midsole with the rock plate. Boots must have good footbed. Such type of boots will provide support as well as prevent the infliction of the pain while you do hiking. However, if you choose the soft trial boots for hiking, then it will worsen your situation.

When going for hiking, it is good to avoid the heavy padded shoes, as they are not favorable for the injured feet. If your boots lack proper, cushioning it will cause harm to your feet and pain will increase. The idea is that you need to support your arched as much as you could. If you choose the right ones, then you will be able to do hiking comfortably.

What are the things that will reduce your heel pain?

During hiking, it will be good if you carry a light weighted tub with you. Use this tub, fill it with cold water, and soak your feet in it whenever you will feel the pain or get swelling in the feet. Also at the end of a hiking trip, you can give your pain affected foot relief by massaging it or by doing stretching. You can use essential oil for doing the massage of your feet.

Therefore, following the above steps and by choosing the best hiking boots you can continue to run comfortably despite the pain. All you need to do it find the best shop for buying your boots. If you wear any boots and then go for hiking, it can cause harm as well as severe pain in your foot. Also, it is necessary to note that when you feel pain in your feet during hiking do not ignore it. Just take rest and relax your feet. When you feel better, continue the hiking. If you have no experience and do not know where to find them on the market, then you try recommended ones on PlantarFasciitisSupport and buy the one that suits you.